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7 essential productivity apps on Mac

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A slow Mac irritates and disturbs. With each click, you remember how inefficient it is. But your productivity is different. Your mind doesn’t let you know how much time you’re wasting unless you stop and analyze the situation.

To get real productivity, you need to see an efficient workflow and automate (or at least have shortcuts, too) repetitive tasks. While you can achieve this with the tools you already have, consider our favorite apps (all available on Setapp) to turn into a productivity machine with virtually no effort.

In the following list, we’ll cover your desktop preparation, emails, and daily tasks, as well as writing, searching, and maintaining focus.

1. Ulysses

Are your notes, documents, drafts, and ideas scattered everywhere?

Somehow, we never counted the time wasted in the search for ideas we had before. Sometimes you can find that piece of paper where you wrote something three weeks ago, but most of the time, you don’t.

Ulysses has been called “the best text editor the world has ever seen” and offers everything to keep your ideas ready at any time. And away from the computer too, with your mobile apps. It has a focus mode to write with maximum concentration, a well-structured document library, synchronization with iCloud, easy publishing in Medium and WordPress, and more.

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Ulysses can be used in a Setapp subscription and works on all your devices.

2. Paste

How many times have you copied one thing, copied another, and realized you needed to paste what you copied first? 1,034,323 times… maybe more.

Paste is an infinite clipboard at your fingertips. Copy and paste anything as many times as you want. Plus, you can eliminate formatting by copying text, syncing the clipboard between your devices, and even sharing copied items with friends. In short: a well-resolved clipboard.

3. Workspaces

When you deal with multiple projects simultaneously, nothing spends more time than reopening all the files, websites, and emails you need to complete a specific task.

Workspaces waits patiently in the menu bar, remembers what features you need for each task, and opens everything with a single click. Need to keep a website open in different browsers? Use Terminal in a specific folder? Open twenty files for search? Set this up in Workspaces once and never waste time preparing your desktop again.

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4. Lacona

While Mac Spotlight is improving with Siri’s power, it’s still far from the capabilities offered by Lacona.

Whenever you need to search for something, calculate or convert, create a reminder, search for or delete documents, use natural language from a centralized command-line interface. Try it once, never to use the old way again.

5. GoodTask

It’s hard to get productivity when you don’t even know what you’re working on. Post-it notes leave no references, and complex task apps spend more time than they save.

GoodTask is an ideal solution that keeps your focus on the work that needs to be done. Syncing with Apple’s Reminders and Calendar apps, it gives superpowers to your existing ecosystem. Turn on quick actions to create tasks at the speed of light, set reminders with auto-reply, and screen what you need to do to get a convenient hierarchical view.

6. Focus

Decided to take a quick look at Reddit and realized that, an hour later, it was on page 11? We’re not here to judge. After all, everyone knows what they’re doing.

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Focus lets you create an ideal desktop by blocking apps and websites that distract (even specific pages), so you don’t get out of the way. In addition, you can use the Pomodoro technique or schedule breaks for when you need to be distracted.

7. Dropzone

Imagine winning a bag of Cosme and Dream Damian, where every candy you take is your favorite. That’s what Dropzone does on mac.

Adapting to your desktop, Dropzone combines all the files, actions, and apps you choose from a custom grid, so you don’t have to search for anything. Easily drag and drop, open apps directly from the grid, and share files with other Macs—all for life for more accessibility.

More apps on Setapp

Test your productivity with these apps and access about 180 others on Setapp for free during the trial. When you realize they save your time daily, sign up to have everyone for $100 a year. And one more detail: Of course, MacPaw products such as CleanMyMac and Gemini are also included.


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