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Best Backup Software for MAC of 2022

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Although Macs have Time Machine to schedule backups, we recommend you resort to these more professional and advanced solutions that allow you to access different versions of your files or data with incremental copies.

For most Mac computer users, making backups involves setting up the Time Machine option and letting the macOS operating system take care of the rest in the background, not worrying that something might go wrong.

However, although Time Machine is an excellent resource, as we show you in this tutorial, it is not perfect, and relying only on it to keep your files and data safe, is a mistake that could have disastrous consequences when you resort to it.

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We will tell you the possibilities of the best backup programs so you can see which one is best for you. The strategy set by professionals is that the idea is to use at least two different backup programs on an external drive of the computer or in the cloud.

If you use Time Machine for your copies, relying on a disk or external drive, you must also have another of the tools that we propose here. However, which backup program are you most interested in? Well, it depends on the type of content you handle.

Some tools focus on allowing the hard drive to be cloned, while others offer incremental backups of files so that they can be located based on a specific time. Others focus solely on simplifying the backup process.

An additional category has tools such as ChronoSync, to synchronize the folders of your Mac with another drive or computer regularly. Some FTP management programs also allow you to synchronize folders with FTP or WebDAV servers.

Finally, cloud services will allow you to store your data on servers, providing a secure backup outside the work environment. It will take you longer, depending on the Internet connection, but they make incremental copies and free up local storage.

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Best Backup Software for Mac of 2022

Acronis True Image – The Most Professional Backup Solution

  • Pros
    • Includes cybersecurity functions
    • Version diversity
  • Cons
    • Basic version without cloud copy
  • From £34.99
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A company of great prestige in the world of backup offers a wide range of solutions. Some focused on Mac environments. True Image supports copying your data on-premises, in the Acronis Cloud, and even on an external network device.

Recently, you’ll find that the Acronis True Image solution has been renamed to Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, in the case of the most economical version designed for end-users.

The program creates images in a proprietary format when you back up locally, so you’ll need to use its recovery tools to access your data. Cloud copies are stored per file.

If you don’t want to create a complete image of your Mac, click the source box to choose the files and folders you want to back up. Here you can also select the destination location.

You have a standard version of the software that you can purchase as a license and then the Advanced and Premium modalities based on a subscription for one year. These have additional tools such as ransomware blockers and crypto mining. You can also choose between 1, 3, and 5 teams.

Stellar Data Recovery – The most compatible with macOS versions

  • Pros
    • Create boot disks
    • macOS version compatibility
  • Cons
    • Price per license
  • £61.15

The data recovery software for Mac that the company Stellar proposes to us is one of the best known within the Apple ecosystem, with a version valid even for the new Macs with macOS Big Sur, for which it has been adapted.

The tool allows you to restore photos from your albums to iMovie projects, GarageBand, or mail files. It also allows you to recover incremental files from office environments such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.

Tell you that you have a free Stellar Data Recovery tool for both Windows and Mac with the possibility of recovering deleted data from SSD drives, flash media, external hard drives, or SD cards.

After scanning the storage media, the software displays a detailed preview of all other recoverable data. It allows you to see all the data that can be recovered from the Mac device or connected storage media.

Ashampoo Backup Pro – The backup solution with a high level of encryption

  • Pros
    • High level of encryption
    • Simplicity in interface handling
    • Lightweight, resource-consuming
  • Cons
    • Improvable security features
  • £16

With Ashampoo Backup Pro, it is possible to select the type of copy you want to make, either of the entire disk or by folders or files. You can also create clones of your Mac’s boot drives if you’re migrating from your HD drive to a new SSD.

Scheduled backups are done in the background, and once Get Backup finishes its work, you can schedule the system shutdown. In the event of an accident and if the system doesn’t start, you’ll be able to restore your Mac even if you don’t have the software installed.

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You can choose encryptions for your backups and even the level of encryption, from AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish, or Triple DES. The program offers various templates to backup your photos, emails, or contact, among others.

The simplicity of configuring new scheduled copies is worth mentioning, handling tools to select, drag to a folder, and drop. All very intuitive compared to other much more closed solutions.

Econ ChronoSync – The best to synchronize files between computers

  • Pros
    • Efficient for cloning folders
    • Handling incremental copies
  • Cons
    • Cloning tools
  • $49.99 (around £38)

Although this backup tool was born as software for file synchronization, over the years, its functionality has been extended to other areas, such as robust backup of various platforms, including mobile devices.

It’s possible to use ChronoSync even to back up one remote location to another using SFTP and even set the location as an iPhone or iPad using the optional InterConneX app.

Every time ChronoSync runs a backup, it moves the old one to a file folder, which means that if you need to restore a file from a different version to the latest one, you’ll be able to do so.

Customize your copies based on file number, periods, or both. You will be able to compress the files to save space. If you are looking for synchronization between several Macs, it is worth evaluating this tool.

BackBlaze – The cheapest with cloud storage

  • Pros
    • Cloud Storage
    • Dedicated app for iOS
  • Cons
    • Handling in professional versions
  • $7 (around £5) per month or $70 (around £53) per year

Unlimited backups are what guarantee Backblaze is valid for both Windows and macOS. It’s possible to try the complete solution for free for 15 days to see if it fits your backup needs.

BackBlaze bases backups on cloud storage, so for a small fee, you can save everything you want in the cloud without worries of loss of information.

It has more advanced modalities for companies or professionals with the possibility of physically receiving an encrypted backup of your copies in a disaster or theft of information associated with ransomware situations.

The program’s interface allows you to choose individual files to download only those you need. You can also view or share files through your iPhone or iPad with the dedicated iOS app.

iDrive – The recommended for the vast majority

  • Pros
    • Copies of external disks
    • Backup parameterization
  • Cons
    • Minimal free service
    • Computer Restore Options
  • $59.62 (approx £46)

This is another online security service. However, it differs from similar ones, such as Backblaze or Carbonite.

It has a free tier with no time limit to back up to 5G at no cost. After this, the prices rise to be somewhat more expensive than the other solutions.

As with Backblaze, Drive allows you to back up external hard drives. However, you should know that the platform does not delete the files when running a new backup.

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This has the good part you can go back as much as you want in the different versions of your files to recover the desired moment of a document. But in return, the storage space used will overgrow.

The IDrive mobile app will allow you to view and download files to a mobile device and back up pictures, calendar events, and contacts from your iPhone or iPad as an iCloud replica.

The user interface of iDrive is straightforward, with background copies that you will not be aware of. Both programming and any restoration process are intuitive. For small copies, it is worth it, but for a large amount of data, it can be expensive.

Carbon Copy Cloner 6 – Best for Document Backups

  • Pros
    • Operating interface
    • Backup control
  • Cons
    • Full copy of disks
  • £31.75 (30-day free trial)

As its name suggests, the tool developed by Bombich Software allows you to create clones of bootable drives of your Mac to recover a complete installation or migrate it to a new disk or drive.

Backups are incremental and can be scheduled at specific times or carried out based on events, such as connecting an external drive. Backup sets are managed using Carbon Copy Cloner.

The interface is very well designed, with the main window focusing on highlighting three aspects: source volume, target volume, and scheduling. It also has wizards to guide you step by step in creating backups.

As a tool to clone disks and back up your data, Carbon Copy Cloner is a top tool. However, for pure backup, Acronis True Image is better.

Carbonite Safe – The best hybrid solution for on-premises and cloud copying

  • Pros
    • No storage limit
    • Low impact on the team
  • Cons
    • Functions of the primary modality
  • $71.99 (approx £55) per year (Basic)

It is similar in cut to Backblaze since it allows you to back up your Mac on remote servers to recover your files at any time. You need to register your account to download the app on your Mac.

The files are protected by 128-bit encryption, but it does not offer the possibility to apply your password. The data is restored online, using the Carbonite application to revert to previous versions of files.

Its application for mobile devices will allow you to also download the files from your iPhone or iPad to recover or consult them at any given time. To recover files, navigate to them using the folders in the sidebar of the interface.

It is marketed as an annual license with a special price for the home version valid for a Windows or Mac computer. In our country, Soluciones IP is your authorized distributor with whom you can receive advice.


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