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Best Sites to Download Wallpapers for iPhone

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These websites offer the possibility to download wallpapers for your iPhone of good quality!

Having a nice wallpaper on your iPhone can brighten your day. And yes, we know that sometimes it is difficult to choose or sometimes it is challenging to enter images with the right quality.

In addition, the wallpaper goes with our style and personality. It can be one more touch so that we feel more comfortable since the mobile can be understood as a complement in our day-to-day.

The first thing we recommend is that you choose HD wallpapers, that is, of a decent enough quality so that it does not look pixelated or blurry on your screen.

The second tip is to vary, test, and research with one and a thousand funds until you find the style that best suits your mood. Also, you might like making the background stick with your iPhone case.

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And the last tip is to look at the list that we offer below. In it, we have collected some of the best pages to download quality backgrounds for your iPhone.

Best Wallpapers for iPhone


Although it is not a page that explicitly creates backgrounds for iPhones, it is a source of images that can be used to decorate the background of your iOS mobile. Unsplash offers a very comprehensive library of photos of all kinds. You will only have to enter a search term and select the image you like the most.

For example, we have used the search term ‘Feminism,’ and these are all the images that appear. In this case, you will want to choose a vertical image to fit better with your mobile.

Tap on each of the images you want to download, and this will be stored on your device. The images are royalty-free, so that you won’t have any problems.

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As you well know, Pinterest is a viral social network in our days. In this case, we are interested because you can find fantastic galleries with all kinds of backgrounds to download on your iPhone.

We loved this collection of MAZme Z as it offers very psychedelic wallpapers for your iPhone. You will find an immense amount of images that have been created to be used as a background.


This website allows you to choose images for your iPhone within an extensive library. You will only have to save the photos that you like the most on your mobile to be able to use them at your leisure.

We like that they are divided into categories, so you can choose the topic that best suits you. In our case, we have selected the category ‘Animals,’ and the results are incredible. The truth is that it costs to choose only one.

All iPhone Wallpapers

All iPhone Wallpapers is a website that also brings together a wide variety of wallpapers. We must say entirely original, so you can freely use it on your iPhone.

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You will also find different categories to choose the theme you have in mind: animals, illustrations, sports, space, movies, etc. Also, you can type in key search terms if you have a more concrete idea of what you want.

It has caught our attention that the web includes an option to create your own wallpaper.

Wallpaper Stock

Wallpaper Stock is a website dedicated specifically to wallpapers. In this case, in addition to choosing the category of the theme that most catches your attention, you can also select the device on which you are going to use it.

We understand that if you have come to this article, it is because you are looking for wallpapers for your iPhone. Then head to the options menu on the left, and at the bottom, select ‘Mobile wallpapers > iPhone wallpapers.’


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