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How do I fix the “YouTube hangs” error? [Resolved]

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YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for sharing and streaming videos. Many aspiring content creators choose YouTube to showcase their talents and host creative content on the platform to connect with their audience. it is also one of the most visited websites on the Internet nowadays.

However, after a recent update, a new issue has arisen due to which YouTube is not responsible in the Google Chrome browser. Sometimes there is also a problem when YouTube hangs Chrome, the video is stuck, but the sound plays as usual. Here I will explain how to resolve The YouTube keeps hanging” error.

Why do YouTube videos keep stuck with Chrome?

This is a widespread mistake that has plagued many users since the launch of YouTube. There are many reasons why you may encounter this error. Here I will list some of why YouTube may continue to crash in your Google Chrome browser.

Poor internet connection

This is one of the most common reasons you may see an error. A bad connection will cause the video to buffer after a while. Audio can be downloaded a little earlier, so you can hear the audio, but the video freezes.

Resolution mismatch

Thanks to new technologies, the resolution with which videos are shot increases. However, viewers may be limited by the resolution of their screens and the bandwidth limitations of their internet connections. Videos played at a resolution more significant than your screen can handle and how much bandwidth your bandwidth can be transmitted will naturally freeze and reduce consumption.

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YouTube has built too much cache.

The cache is data stored on your device by websites to load sites the next time the site loads quickly. However, inappropriate cache or cache library data filled to the brim can also be harmful and cause stuttering. This will cause images and audio recordings to be displayed incorrectly, and YouTube breaks Chrome.

Incompatible player software and broken add-ons

Add-ons or extensions are installed to improve the functionality of the site and your browser as a whole. But a broken extension can prevent YouTube videos from running smoothly and cause stuttering. Many users also choose to install more than one player software on their system to search for different videos. These players can also conflict, and your YouTube is not responding.

Fixed: YouTube keeps hanging.

To better view and enjoy YouTube videos, follow these steps to resolve the YouTube continues to hang error. If Youtube takes a long time to get started, you should check out this post.

# Solution 1: Optimal Resolution

Suppose you’re limited by the bandwidth that doesn’t provide speeds for smooth playback of higher-resolution videos. In that case, it’s best to reduce the resolution to what your screen can support, and your internet connection can play usually.

To reduce the resolution, tap the gear icon to open the settings. Then click on Quality.

Here you will see all the permissions that the bootloader has made available. Select a lower resolution than the one at which the video is currently playing.

If you’re unsure which resolution plays best when connected to the Internet, you can click on Auto. This will allow YouTube to choose the optimal resolution for video playback at the current speed of the Internet connection.

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# Solution 2. Restart YouTube

Sometimes, when you load a web page, you may encounter an error that prevents some features from displaying correctly.

The same thing can happen with YouTube. A simple restart will load all the data again and upload a fresh video copy.

Note: You need to stop the video and then exit the window. Otherwise, the saved cookies will load the same error page you last encountered.

This should fix the error in most cases, and YouTube should usually play the video.

# Solution 3. Clear cookies and view data

Since cookies and cache are responsible for storing some data, the mismatch of this data is a likely “YouTube continues to hang” Error in the Google Chrome browser. You need to clear this saved data to view the video without hanging.

To clear your saved data in Google Chrome, press the Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys to launch the Clear Browsing Data dialog box.

  • Here, select All time from the time range drop-down menu.
  • Click on Clear Data.
  • Now type Chrome: // restart in the address bar to restart Chrome.

To clear saved data in Mozilla Firefox, click the hamburger menu and select “Clear Recent History.”

  • Now select All from time range to clear.
  • Select the checkboxes next to the data you want to delete.
  • Click on Clear Data.
  • Restart FireFox.

# Solution 4. Disable browser add-ons

Extensions enhance the browser’s usability and provide many features that were naturally absent in the application itself. Many browsers have many extensions in their specialized stores, such as the Chrome Web Store.

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However, some erroneous extensions, such as the AdBlock extension, can cause the error. If you started watching this error after installing the extension, some broken extension might be causing the error you encountered.

Review the error page when using Incognito View Mode to check if this is the case. Launch the incognito window by right-clicking the icon on the taskbar.

Extensions are disabled by default in this mode, and you can confirm that a broken extension caused the error if you no longer encounter this error in incognito mode.

Start by enabling the extensions one by one and see if the error persists.

# Solution 5. Disable hardware acceleration

When enabled, hardware acceleration uses computer hardware specifically designed to perform certain functions more efficiently than in software running on a general-purpose CPU.

If hardware is used to smooth out performance, confusing resources can create compatibility issues and cause YouTube videos to freeze Chrome while playing.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to disable hardware acceleration in Chrome from outside the app. Follow these steps to disable hardware acceleration in Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press the hamburger menu (≡).
  3. Select settings.
  4. Scroll down and click Advanced
  5. Under System, locate Hardware Acceleration.
  6. Turn the toggle switch side off next to “Use hardware acceleration when available.”

7. Start over your browser


YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet. But the bugs it has can hinder the usability and consumption of video. Now you know how to resolve The YouTube keeps hanging error using the steps mentioned above. If you find it helpful, leave a comment below and discuss the same.


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