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How To Bypass Mega Download Limits (2022 Method)

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In this article, we will learn how to Bypass Mega Download Limits. We will be sharing a few methods below.

If you’re being blocked from downloading files on “Mega” or Google Drive, try using the download trick we have shown in this post. We have also written another post with a trick for ‘Google Drive’ that might be useful to you.

Mega started as an easy way of uploading files to the internet, but privacy and access became more problematic. They then began encrypting clientside with AES. This system makes it so Mega doesn’t have the encryption keys for uploaded files – it’s one way for them to keep users’ information private. They’re also making it easier than ever to share & receive encrypted content without worrying about privacy.

I want to mention before continuing, Mega’s paid security & privacy features are cheap and come with a well-known reputation. They’re pioneers in cloud storage and offer an excellent level of protection. When you use the Pro-Lite service, you’ll get a lot of perks for an affordable price. You’ll get up to 400GB of storage to work with, private chat access, and video calls.

Method 1: Bypass Mega Download Limits Using Mega Downloader

To bypass mega download limits, you will need to use a few tools. First, you need a download manager. The open-source tool Xtreme Download Manager is an option that any additional information can be found via GitHub or the link below.

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For the second tool, we will need Mega Downloader Version 1.8. We need this version to convert the Mega download URL to a Streaming URL and then continue to bypass Mega download limits. This step is crucial for a successful download. There are many places to get version 1.8, but be careful from where you get it because there are a lot of copies with Malware or Trojans embedded in the file. For simplicity’s sake, here’re links for both downloads, which are required for this tutorial:

Xtreme Download Manager

Mega Downloader (version 1.8)

After installing both applications, we are ready to download our huge file.

Steps to Download Mega Files with No Limits Using Mega Downloader

First, find the direct download URL for your file, highlight it, and copy it.

The next step is to open up Mega Downloader, navigate to the Options menu, and select Configuration.

In the Configuration window, select the Streaming tab to make sure “Use streaming server” is selected. Next, click on Save to close the Editing Window.

Next, in the main window of Mega Downloader, go to the ‘Watch online’ button in the Streaming menu.

Now PASTE the file address from Mega into the ‘MEGA URL Link’ box. Below it will automatically generate a streaming link below. Highlight the new streaming URL and copy it

Open up the Xtreme Download Manager application. In the File menu, select the ‘Add URL’ option.

It is sometimes possible for Xtreme Download Manager to automatically enter the address with a single click. However, if it isn’t, you can use the Copy & Paste function by going into CTRL +V and clicking on DOWNLOAD NOW. Once this has been done, your file will begin downloading.

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That was the final step to bypass Mega download limits. If you have any questions, put them in the comments below or email us at The newest version of the program is available for download on our site.

Some issues that you might face:

1. Mega.NZ 0% download problem

For some users, this seemed to work. Just change the Port in MegaDowloader Configuration. The default value is ‘54321’. I used ‘54361,’ and it worked perfectly. This method was tested with IDM (Internet Download Manager) and not Xtreme Downloader.

2. Timeout Error

You can use the above trick to avoid getting stuck on 0%. Make sure you have disabled your firewall before proceeding with this method.

3. Xtreme Downloader is not working

You can alternatively try using IDM or Jdownloader.

Here is a complete video tutorial-

Method 2: Bypass Daily Mega Download Restrictions using MegaBasterd

Download the latest java version. You can download it directly from here.

Install the MegaBasterd Mega Downloader from Github. It works on Windows, MAC, and Linux. For Windows, you can download the executable file.

Extract the files using tools like WinRar, 7Zip.

Open the extracted folder and right-click on the batch file called “MegaBasterd.” Click Run as Administrator.

Click No if it asks you to make an API key.

Click “Change” next to the dropdown to the right of “Download folder.” You can then choose the desired location.

You can find & enable SmartProxy by looking for “Use SmartProxy.”

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Look for free USA proxies. Here are some of the sites you can use- US Proxy List 1, US Proxy LIst 2, Free Proxy List 3.

In a new tab, copy-paste the proxy list with a port in the following format and save.

Now go back to the settings tab. Copy your mega file/folder link that you want to download. Click on File > New Download, then click “Browse” and paste the link in this box.

Click Let’s dance, baby. Now you will see the following results.

Click the button below to download the files- Let’s dance, baby.

There might be moments of pausing between downloads, but don’t worry. You can keep downloading, and it will take some time for your files to finish downloading.

Method 3: Resetting your IP address

This method works seamlessly but is tricky. If you are not acquainted with network configurations, please stay away from this method.

Download this Github Script.

Once the script is executed, it will reset your IP address, and you will be able to download Mega Download Without Limits.

Method 4: Resetting your IP address using Chrome Extensions

To FIX Mega.Nz “Bandwidth Transfer Quota Exceeded” Error you can reset your IP address for a period of time using chrome-based VPN Extensions.

I personally recommend using these trusted VPN Chrome-based extensions-

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. WindScribe
  3. Private Internet Access
  4. CyberGhost
  5. Hotspot Shield

Final Words

Bypassing Mega Download Limits can be tricky as no sure method will work for a specific user. For some users, all the methods might work, and for some, none of them would work. Resetting the IP address is the only solution to 100% Bypass Mega Download Limits.


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