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How to Create an Invisible Drive with a Password in Windows

Do you want to create a separate partition that will be invisible and password protected? See how to do it with a small program.

A password-protected password is a great way to hide your data and prevent access to unauthorized persons. You can do this for free using the Secret Disk program.

The first step is to download and install Secret Disk.

Download Secret Disk

After launching the installer, a wizard will appear. We select the installation of the Secret Disk program in the list (the application also offers to download other programs from the same company, but this is not required).

The first time you open Secret Disk, a window will appear asking you to set a PIN. It will be used to unlock the hidden disk.

After setting up the PIN code, the virtual partition will be created and available under the letter Z. We can manage it from the Secret Disk program.

At this point, we can change our email and its opening or closing. The opening will cause the partition to be visible in the My Computer window, and we will be able to copy the data that we want to hide. Closing will lock the password partition, and the data will be hidden. Drive Z will not be visible on My Computer.

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Please wait… where is my data from the hidden partition?

All the data we copy to virtual disk Z is stored on the primary disk in a hidden folder (for example, on drive C). After unlocking the partition in Secret Lock, this folder is mounted as a separate virtual disk on the computer. After locking and hiding the partition, all data is encrypted and invisible on drive C.


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