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How to Create or Make a Bootable USB from DMG File on MAC

A DMG file is Apple’s format for mountable disk images in macOS computers. When opened, it mounts a virtual disk on the computer and is primarily used for downloading new programs. DMG files usually contain encrypted data which can be compressed to save space.

DMG files can be downloaded either via Mac App Store or USB, and are usually used to install programs on machines. You might need a bootable macOS disk or USB flash drive in order to start the installation. Luckily, this article will show you four ways to create one on your PC or Mac.

If you didn’t download the macOS dmg file, here are a few useful links to download Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, and High Sierra.

Method 1: How to Create or Make a Bootable USB from DMG File on MAC (Disk Utility)- Only for older MACS

The native disk image utility on Mac is perfect for copying a DMG to a USB drive. Once the file has been successfully copied to the drive, that same drive can be used to install the associated application on any other Mac system.

The steps required for upgrading your OS may vary depending on which version of Mac OS X you’re using, but the following steps should give you a clear idea of what to expect.

You can go to Applications >> Utilities >> Disk Utility, and once it loads launch the program.

USB Pendrive: Insert the USB drive to watch it appear on the left list.

Now open the Finder window and locate your DMG file. Drag & drop the DMG file under the drive names in the Disk Utility app.

Select the file, and then click on “Burn” in the same window. In the popup that appears, select your destination drive, which is the USB flash drive you want to burn the DMG file to. Drag-and-drop it into that area if prompted with a dialog giving you a “This disk image contains more than one volume.” warning message

Once the installation process is done, remove the USB stick and use it to install the application on any other Mac computer.

Method 2: Create Mac OS X Bootable USB Installer from DMG

Android Phonesoft DMG Editor is a powerful software for Windows that will allow you to handle the non-native DMG format even if you have no experience in using it. Its interface is streamlined and can be used to view files and extract them for previewing.

The DMG Editor is a powerful tool that’s available for MAC. Find it on the downloads page and install it now.

To start, open up the Burn application and click on the Burn section. You will also see different modules such as Edit and Extract.

Click on the “Choose Destination” button and select the DMG file on your USB drive.

Click the “Burn” button on the bottom of the window to start writing DMG files to a USB. This starts displaying a progress bar and you need to wait for it to finish. It usually takes 20 minutes, but if your file is too big it might take longer.

In a few moments, your USB flash drive will be ready for use. You can now install programs without needing to convert them first, which you cannot do with the first method.


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