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How to Get and Install Windows 11 Drivers without Third-Party Apps

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In this article, you’ll find out how to get and install Windows 10 drivers without the need for third-party apps. Your PC’s hardware and components need software – or drivers – in order to function properly.

There are many common peripherals that have their own drivers, such as touchpads, keyboards, mice, etc. If you have the driver for USB boot deleted then it will not work. However, if the drivers for your screen are deleted then sometimes black lines will appear on your display.

You will realize that drivers are very important to the function and performance of your machine. If you want to get and Install Windows 11 Drivers without Third-Party Apps, continue reading this article. To make it easier, we won’t waste any more time and we’ll get started right away.

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How to Get and Install Windows 11 Drivers With Windows Update

Step 1. Click Start -> Type Windows Update and click it.

Step 2. Click Check For Updates and wait for the downloads to finish.

Step 3. After completion, you will get all the driver updates on your system.

Install Windows 11 Drivers without Third-Party Apps With Device Manager

There is a device manager that will tell you that the driver is installed or disabled. If you open the device manager then when you see the yellow mark, it means the driver is not installed.

To update a driver you need to right-click on the driver, then select Update Driver.

Once the updating is over, you will get many options.

  • Driver Details: It will show you all the details about the driver files that you have installed.
  • Update Driver: You can manually update the driver files if needed.
  • Roll Back Driver: You can use this feature to roll-back the last updates. This comes handly when the new updates fails.
  • Disable Device: This will allow you to disable a particular device.
  • Uninstall Device: This will completely remove the device from your Windows 11.
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Bottom Line

I hope this guide on How to Get and Install Windows 11 Drivers without Third-Party Apps was easy and helpful. If you face any issues, please comment down below.

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