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How to hide programs in the Windows Control Panel

In the Windows Control Panel, do you want to hide installed programs from the “Uninstall a Program” list? You can remove programs from this list to not be uninstalled or hide their presence in the system. How to do it?

The Uninstall Programs feature in Control Panel displays a list of programs installed on the system. As indicated by the name of this function, we can select any program from the list and remove it from the system. However, you can hide programs chosen from this list so that they cannot be removed in this way. How to do it? This can be done using the Hide from Delete application.

Hide Programs in Control Panel with Hide from Uninstall

An easy way to hide selected items from the Uninstall a Program list in Control Panel is to use Hide from Uninstall. This is a straightforward and small tool that, when launched, displays a list of all installed programs – the same one that can be found in the control panel. You can select and hide each item and restore it if needed.

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Download Hide From Uninstall

Download the program and then extract it to the desired location. The application does not require installation, so you can unzip it to a USB stick and only plug it in when you want to use it to hide/restore programs.

After unpacking, run the program using the HideUL.exe file. A new window will appear with a list of all programs installed on the system. Selected items are visible in the uninstall list, and unchecked items are hidden.

To hide the selected program, right-click on it and choose the option “Hide from Programs and Features.” In addition, you can also uncheck the list using the icon on the left.

After unchecking the program, you can disable the Hide from Uninstall application. When you go to the control panel and display the list of programs under Uninstall a program, you will notice that the hidden program is not shown here.

If in the future you want to restore the program in the list to uninstall it correctly, all you need to do is run the Hide From Uninstall program again and select the hidden application. You can right-click on it and select “Show programs and features in a list.”

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After selecting and closing the program, the application will be displayed again in the control panel. Thus, you can quickly hide or restore apps in the control panel.  


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