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How to Make a Memoji on iPhone

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You want to design your own custom Memoji on the new iPhone, don’t you? Well, go ahead and create one. Memoji is like Animoji, except they’re more personalized.

Creating a Memoji is a lot of fun as it lets you create a personalized Memoji that can look like almost any character with customizations for hair, skin tone, eyes, lips, nose, and other features. Once you create a Memoji, the next step is to use it. There are two options for this: either try out Animoji if it’s enabled on your device or use Memoji if that doesn’t work.

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This tutorial will show you the steps to create your own Memoji on an iPhone.

You’ll need an iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, or a newer model iPhone with iOS 12 or later. This is also the case for Animoji, which is not supported on any older Apple models.

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How to Create a Memoji on iPhone

Getting your own custom Memoji is now easier than ever! Follow these steps to get started:

1. Open the Messages app on iPhone

2. Send a Memoji to any people in any message conversation thread, open the conversation thread.

3. From the Home screen, tap on the Apps button to show the app icon bar in Messages.

4. Now tap on the monkey icon to open up the Animoji section of your Keyboard.

5. Swipe to the right on the Animoji icons until you get to the one that says “New Memoji.” Tap this.

6. Customize your Memoji with tons of options! Change their skin color, hair, head shape, eyes, nose, and ears. Add some glasses and maybe some facial hair. How about a hat?

7. When you’re happy with your Memoji custom Animoji, press the “Done” button in the upper right corner to save it.

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8. You can now record little Animoji clips with your Memoji, just like any other Animoji. Just tap the red button to start recording your Memoji clip.

9. When finished recording your Memoji clip, tap the red stop button

10. Tap the arrow button to send the Memoji to the current contact in Messages

If the recipient is on a newer model, the Memoji will automatically playback when they open it. If they’re on an older model, the Memoji will be sent as a video.

Just save your Memoji once and then use it with other people in your contact list. It`s just like sending an Animojie – select the Memoji option from the Messages options screen. Memoji can be edited at any time. If you want to customize your Memojis or update any of them, you can duplicate them and change the copied ones.

You can also create a Memoji whenever you want. Creating multiple Memoji can be a fun way to play with the goofy feature in iOS since they allow you to create some ridiculous characters.

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The Memoji feature is entirely up to you, but chances are you’ll have a lot of fun with it. Just make sure the iPhone you’re using is compatible and go ahead and make yourself a Memoji. You’ll start making some friends too, since they can send messages containing your Memoji.


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