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How to Officially Download Windows ISO Files: Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and 7

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In this article, we will learn How to Officially Download Windows ISO Files: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7. Now users have access to another alternative option for obtaining official ISO images of Windows 11, 10, and 8.1 – using the new open Fido tool from the creator of Rufus.

There are many ways to get official Windows 10 ISO images. For example, you can use Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool to download the latest versions of Windows 10.

The most popular third-party solution is the TechBench by WZT service, which provides direct links to download ISO images from Microsoft servers.

How to Officially Download Windows ISO Files: Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and 7

Now users have access to a new alternative option for obtaining Windows 10 images – using the latest open Fido tool from the creator of Rufus.

Fido is not a separate application but a PowerShell script. Fido is built into the Rufus program, which is designed to create bootable media. Thus, Rufus users can download Windows ISO images from official servers.

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However, some users may encounter errors when using Rufus to download ISO images from Microsoft’s website. One common issue is that downloads become available when update checking is enabled. Fido is also available for offline download.

How to use Fido to Officially Download Windows ISO File

Step 1: Download Fido from Github: Go to the GitHub page, select the“Code > Download ZIP” menu. After downloading, unpack the Archive

Step 2: In the resulting folder, “Fido-master,” right-click on the script “Fido” and select the option “Run with PowerShell.” You can also run PowerShell and specify the path to the script to run it.

Step 3: When you run the script, the Please Wait window appears first… The window will close automatically after a few seconds, after which a new Fido – Retail Windows ISO Downloader window will open.

Step 4: At this point, there are many options available: Download Windows 11 ISO, Download Windows 10 ISO, Download Windows 8.1 ISO, or Download Windows 7 ISO. Select the desired OS to boot and select the Continue option. In a couple of seconds, Fido will offer different versions of Windows. Select the desired version, such as Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.985 – 2021.05, and click Continue.

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Step 5: Fido will then prompt you to choose an editor. Additional options vary by version. For example, for the version you select as an example, you can choose home, Pro, and Education editions. In the following steps, you must select the language and architecture (x64 for 64-bit devices or x86 for 32-bit devices).

Step 6: Then click the download button: a new browser tab will open, and the ISO image download will start. If you use a download manager, it should automatically intercept the URL. The process of choosing an ISO image itself takes about 10 seconds or even less if this isn’t the first time you’ve done it.

Note: The script closes the PowerShell window, but the destination URL can be retrieved from the browser’s open tab. Fido does not support booting Windows 10 LTSB/LTSC ISO images.


I hope this guide on How to Officially Download Windows ISO Files: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and 7 was helpful. After downloading the Windows disc image (ISO file), you can use the Rufus program to create the installation media.

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How do you load Windows ISO images?

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