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How to Organize Your PS4 Game Library using folders

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In this article, we will learn How to Organize Your PlayStation 4 Game Library and Create Your Folders!

Between the physical installations of the games, all those digital games you’ve gotten at the best deals, and the constant stream of free PlayStation Plus, your PlayStation 4 library can become pretty cumbersome to navigate over time. If you’re somewhat similar to us, you can occasionally browse through a list of PS4 games and find a title you’ve even forgotten. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your PS4 library relatively painless to navigate, each of which can be tailored to what makes sense to you.

Game Bar “Recently Played”

By default, your game library will appear on the home screen carousel in the order you last interacted — played or just downloaded — with your games. This standard system can prevent PlayStation Plus from coming in once a month. Just because you’ve downloaded a new game doesn’t mean you want to play it right away. Eventually, the games you’ve played slip to the end of the carousel, or worse, into your entire library.

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It sounds pretty simple, but one quick way to stay up to date with the games you play in your library is always to keep them in the first few slots. If Destiny 2 starts to slide, but you know that new content is about to drop out, just open and close the game to move it to the top of the pack.

Understanding Your Library

Sometimes you want to view your entire library of games. You’ll find a library icon at the end of the home screen carousel. The library, organized by categories and other options, contains all your games and apps for PS4. On the right, you’ll see five categories below the search bar.

  • Everyone: Every game and app is currently installed.
  • Games: All games are currently installed.
  • Programs: All applications are currently installed.
  • Purchased: All games and apps you own, including those not installed on your hard drive.
  • Folders: More on this in the next section, but if you set up folders (which we’ll explain how to do), you’ll find this category between “All” and “Games.”

If you haven’t created a folder system, you’ll want to view either “games” or “purchased.”

Game Library

By default, the “games” section is sorted alphabetically. Three other filtered views are available for selection in the drop-down menu.

  • Reverse alphabetical order: Why not go Z to A
  • Recently Used: Display games by use. Here you can find newly downloaded and recently opened games.
  • Installation Date: The games will be organized by the time they were installed, regardless of your most recent gaming sessions.
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The default A-Z view looks the most universally intuitive, but if you want to test your latest gaming habits or view downloaded games you may have forgotten about, each of the other views has its appeal.

Buy Library

When sifting through a purchased category, you can use two useful views in addition to a couple of alphabetical parameters.

  • Date of purchase: Recent purchases are displayed first.
  • Set Status: Our favorite browsing experience is a purchase, as it puts all the games that aren’t currently on your PS4 and allows you to view potential downloads without having to look at legions of installed games.

Folders are your best friend

This is where things get interesting. If you want to take control and organize your game library, PS4 gives you the ability to create custom folders that share and store games using any organization system that makes sense to you. For example, I divide my games into four categories: “playing at the moment,” “playing,” “evergreen” for games like NBA 2K18, which I play periodically throughout the year and “VR” for my PSVR games.

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Creating a folder is very simple. We’ll show you how right here:

Step 1: Click Options (+) on the PS4 controller and select “Add to Folder.”

Step 2: Select “Add to New Folder.”

Step 3: Name the folder and click “OK.” Your new folder will now appear at the front of the carousel.

Edit folders

You can edit the name and contents in each folder at any time by clicking the (+) options on the folder icon.

Step 1: Select “Edit Folder.”

Step 2: Click “Select” to open the grid of all games on PS4. Checkmarks above the icons indicate that the game is currently in that particular folder.

Step 3: Select the games you want to add to the folder and click “Confirm.”

Step 4: From here, you can move the icons to place the games in the desired order in each folder.

Step 5: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your PS4 library curated to your liking.


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