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How to Stream on Twitch with PS4 and Xbox One

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Do you have a PS4 or Xbox One console and want streaming games on Twitch? In the beginning, you don’t need any modern equipment. Both PS4 and Xbox One have a built-in option to stream games on Twitch. How do I use it?

Streaming games on Twitch can be an exciting hobby or professional activity. In the beginning, you don’t need special streaming hardware, especially if you have a PS4 or Xbox One console. Both consoles are adapted for game streaming and have built-in streaming capabilities on Twitch. They also automatically prepare the entire scene, so there’s room to show chat, webcam images, etc.

Streaming games on Twitch with PS4

In the case of the PS4, it’s straightforward, and all we need is a Twitch app installed from the Playstation Store. After installing it, we can log in to our Twitch account, making it available in those places where we can broadcast the game.

Go to your Playstation Store console, search for the Twitch app and install it. After installing the app, launch Twitch and sign in to your account.

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If you receive a 6-digit account pairing code, you must enter the site on your computer and sign in to your account and enter the account pairing code with your console.

Once you have the Twitch app installed and you’re signed in to your account, you can move on to streaming. Close the Twitch app and launch the game you want to stream.

While playing, click the Share button on the pad and select the game’s broadcast option from the menu. A list of websites that you can navigate to will appear. Select Twitch from the list.

When you do, the game’s transfer screen will appear. You can choose what (besides the game itself). In addition to the game itself, you can add an image from your Playstation camera, sound from your microphone, and adjust whether you want to display comments from the Twitch chat during the transfer.

In addition, you must enter the name of your broadcast and the quality in which you want to transmit. Once you’ve done all that, you only have to choose a way to start the transfer. And that’s it — your channel will appear in the game’s catalog and will be available to all Twitch viewers.

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Streaming games on Twitch with Xbox One

A similar effect can be obtained on the Xbox One console, which is also compatible with the Twitch app and allows you to stream games directly to Twitch without special additional devices, image capture cards, etc.

Of course, we need a Twitch app downloaded from the Store. Go to the store on your Xbox One console and search for the Twitch app, and then install it. The app will be installed on your console, and you’ll find it in the tab with your games and apps.

After installing the app, you have to link your Twitch account to the console. Launch the Twitch app in the console and go to the sign-in screen. A 6-digit verification code will appear with which we have to link our Twitch account to the console.

To do this, start Twitch on your computer and sign in to your account in your browser. Then go to the page and sign in to your account, enter the 6-digit code that appears on your console. This way, you connect your Twitch account to your Xbox One console.

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Now you can go streaming games. It’s that simple. First, you have to start the game you want to transfer. Just turn on the main menu of the game. While playing, remove the console menu by pressing the Xbox button on the pad.

The console menu appears, but the game will still start. Start the Twitch application. After selecting this option, you’ll be back in your game, but a sidebar will also appear with Twitch transfer options. Select the Broadcast option.

In the header field, you can enter the name of your stream. It’s also worth going to the settings, where you can see what your broadcast will look like. Here you can adjust the settings and choose whether to turn on the Kinect camera, Auto Zoom (auto-zoom the camera image so that only your face is displayed), microphone, and a few other options.

In addition, you can also choose the quality of the transfer (remember that the higher, the better the Internet connection). Once you’ve set everything up, confirm the settings and start the transfer. Your stream will appear immediately in the Twitch games catalog and be publicly available to all viewers.


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