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Paint for Mac: What is it, and how can you use it?

If you’ve been using PCs all your life and have only recently switched to a Mac, you probably won’t miss much. But you may have noticed that a program is missing that has undoubtedly captured the hearts of PC users worldwide — Microsoft Paint.

Indeed, MS Paint is objectively not the best raster graphics editor. The program is clunky, slow, not easy for beginners, and at the same time not demanding enough for professionals. Still, Windows Paint is probably the most widely used graphics software in the world. And many people wish that Paint is also available for the Mac.

Is Paint for Mac available? Well, not really. The official Microsoft Paint for Mac does not exist. But there are fantastic alternatives that allow you to do better things and, at the same time, are much easier to use. Such an alternative is already installed on your Mac by default and hides in the Preview app.

The Best MS Paint Alternatives for Mac

Since its inception, the Mac has been the operating system of preference for creative minds and professionals worldwide. No wonder, then, that macOS is the first address for the best new programs for drawing, painting, image and video editing, and sketching.

As mentioned earlier, Preview covers all the basic requirements you know from Windows Paint. For more specific results, you can also try apps that have more to offer, such as Tayasui Sketches for painting or Capto for editing images.

Annotate and edit images

Not everyone knows that Mac’s default preview program has more to offer than viewing images. It also includes essential features for drawings and annotations that are good enough to replace Microsoft Paint. To access these features in preview:

  1. Right-click an image and select Open with > Preview
  2. Find the highlight icon in the upper right corner of the program
  3. Click on it to open all available tools

All the tools in the preview are pretty much what you know from MS Paint. There are three large functional groups separated by vertical separators: selection, creation, and modification.

Using the preview is just as intuitive as using MS Paint. For example, suppose you want to draw a circle around an object in one of your images to draw someone’s attention to it:

  1. Select the Sketch tool (third from the left).
  2. Just draw around the object. By default, Preview automatically fills in the shape you draw, giving it a perfect oval, square, or triangle. You can also draw the line hands-free by choosing this option from a small pop-up menu.
  3. To change your line, choose Shape Style (fourth from the right) to select the appropriate line thickness, and Border Color (third from the right) to change the color of the line itself.
  4. And yes, preview also has a color bucket. If you have drawn a closed shape, you can select the Fill Color tool (second from the right) and fill your object with any color.

In the same way, you can also try all the other tools that preview offers, such as.B. shapes, text, signing, adjusting the color, etc. We guarantee that you will not miss MS Paint one bit.

But why should you limit yourself at all? As you move to a whole new platform, you can now use tools to help you in any situation, such as creating a high-quality tutorial. For this, you need a more robust app, such as .B. Capto.

Unlike Preview and Windows Paint, which offer only a minimum of functionality for commenting on your images, Capto is the best app for recording your screen – whether you want to take a screenshot or record a video and edit all the resulting files afterward.

Getting started with Capto is easy:

  1. In the organizer window of the app, where all capto’s images and videos are kept, you can either take a new screenshot using the tools in the top bar (screen, area, window, etc.) or import an image from your Mac by simply dragging and dropping it into the app’s window.
  2. To change an image, double-click the image to open it.
  3. In the left sidebar, select the tool you want. In addition to the basic features you may know from MS Paint and Preview, Capto also offers advanced tools such as Spotlight, numbering, blurring and captions.
  4. For example.B to use the numbering tool, simply select it from the menu. Choose the type, style and color and leave the sequence of numbers on your image by clicking on the appropriate places.

You can try out all the other features of Capto in a similar way. This app is indispensable in almost every industry when it comes to explaining to colleagues in a simple way how to do something. If you take 45 seconds to create a quick tutorial on Capto, you can save yourself hours of walking around the office or endless messages.

One of the best features of Capto, and one you’d want from Microsoft Paint for Mac, is the extensive sharing feature. Since the app mainly shows someone a guide, you also need an easy way to send the guide to them.

To share your creation via Capto:

  1. When you’re done with your image, click “Share” in the upper-right corner of the app window.
  2. By default, you have the choice between Mail, Messages and AirDrop. Select one of them or click “Configure” for more options.
  3. From the new menu, select the option you want to set up — from Dropbox to your own server — and follow the sign-in instructions on the right. Now you can share images from Capto to your favorite platform in no time.

But keep in mind that Capto is not only suitable for images. You can also record, edit and share video tutorials. The process is essentially the same. Select “Record” from the top menu bar to start recording. Then use the same tools for editing and share the data with the option you set above.

Quick start to drawing, regardless of your knowledge

Many people have become accustomed to MS Paint, mainly because there are no reasonable alternatives when it comes to drawing and painting. On your Mac, on the other hand, there are many. And one of them is Tayasui Sketches.

Tayasui Sketches is much more than just Microsoft Paint for Mac. The app combines a natural drawing experience with an almost unlimited selection of beautiful digital brushes and colors.

Drawing sketches with Tayasui is just as easy as picking up a pen in real life — choose the type of paper, select one of the tools in the left sidebar, and start drawing.

You’ll quickly realize that none of MS Paint’s artistic brushes can match the flow and realistic quality of the tools available in Tayasui Sketches. At the same time, the app does not require lengthy workshops and hours of adjustments, which positively makes it stand out from other professional alternatives.

Tayasui Sketches will likely bring you joy for many years. For many professional artists, the app has become an indispensable tool. And even if you decide to switch to another professional drawing app in the future, the basic features would probably remain the same.

Choose the right Paint for Mac

As you can see, you don’t have to try to download Microsoft Paint for Mac if you find that there is no counterpart in macOS. Many tools copy and even surpass both the functionality and ease of use of MS Paint.

Sometimes you might use the preview for simple tasks. However, you will probably rely more and more on Capto, as you can quickly complete most annotation and editing tasks and at the highest level with its diverse functions. And if you’re feeling creative, you can easily switch to Tayasui Sketches and express your creativity with beautiful pens and watercolors.


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