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Xbox One Updates and Slow Downloads – How do I fix this?

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Microsoft’s Xbox One is one of the most popular game consoles, with support for many games. However, this often leads to errors that can be annoying to users. One of the problems most frequently complained about is the update system, where the console must be constantly connected to the Internet.

When you insert a standalone disc for a game, your console will search for updates online. Many users have complained about Xbox one updates slowly, and some downloads take a long time to finish. Here I will talk about some troubleshooting methods. Xbox One updates gradually.

[Resolved] Download Xbox One Slow games

If you see that downloading Xbox One is very slow and time-consuming, you can use some simple solutions to resolve this error.

Solution 1. Check your internet speeds

To rule out a faulty Internet connection, check your connection and the download and upload speed of your connection. You can do this right from the Xbox Live app.

  1. Open the Xbox Live app on your console.
  2. Scroll right on the Home screen to select Install…
  3. Check the download speed below the game under the Queue section of My Games & Apps.
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If you see slow download speeds, your game may take a long time to complete the download. If you know the bandwidth limit of the current plan, you can contact your service provider to find out why you’re getting slow download speeds.

Solution 2: Close background games

Consoles are generally efficient systems, but they are becoming more and more pc-like. Background apps and games stifle download speeds to optimize gameplay. Most often, download speeds are limited when the game is running in the background.

  1. Go to Home
  2. Go to the recently launched game.
  3. When the game is highlighted, press the Menu button.
  4. Choose Quit.

After exiting the game, return to the “Installation…” section and check the download speed. The throttle should be finished, and you should get a good download speed. To prevent further speed limiting, don’t run any more games.

Solution 3. Cancel the installation and reinstall

Sometimes incorrectly stored cache data can prevent downloads from completing on your consoles. If this causes the Xbox One to update slowly error, you’ll need to cancel the download and then reinstall the game.

  1. Go to your console’s Home Screen.
  2. Open My Games Programs.
  3. Select Queue from the menu and select a game or app that’s slow to download on your Xbox.
  4. Press the Menu button on your controller.
  5. Select Cancel from the expanded context menu.
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  1. Next, reinstall the game. You can do this either from the Microsoft Store or by reinserting the game disc into your console.

After restarting the download, check if the download speed improves.

Solution 4: Check your network connection

You can check your network speed from your Xbox console using the network settings. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your console’s Home Screen.
  2. Open My Games Programs.
  3. Select Queue from the menu and highlight the game or app you’re trying to download.
  4. Press the Menu button on your controller.
  5. Select Pause Installation from the expanded context menu.
  6. Then, close all the games you play on your console.
  7. Now press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  8. Go to the following path:
    System > Setup > General > Network Settings
  9. Here, find and select Test Network Connection.

Your console will run a connection test and show you the current download speed. If you don’t find this with your subscription plan, you’ll need to troubleshoot your internet connection or contact your service provider for more help.

Solution 5. Restart your console

If none of the above steps helped you in the Xbox One Update Speed slow error, you’d need to restart your console to update your system.

  1. On your Xbox One controller, press and hold the Xbox button to open Power Center.
  2. Select Start Over Console from the context menu.
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  1. Confirm by selecting Start Over.

This will automatically suspend all existing downloads, which should resume automatically after you restart your console. When you restart your console, all apps and games will be closed, and you’ll need to resume downloading if they don’t start automatically.

  1. On the Home screen, open My Games Apps.
  2. Select Queue from the menu and highlight the game or app you’re trying to download.
    It should show its status as Install or Download.
  3. If the status shows Queued or Paused, highlight the game.
  4. Press the Menu button on your controller.
  5. Select Resume Installation from the context menu.

After the download resumes, check the download speed of your game. The slow download of Xbox One games The error should now be resolved.


Although many users have reported that Xbox One updates and downloads are slow, now you know how to solve this problem using the solutions presented above. Comment below if you find this helpful, and tell us which game you’re running into.


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